Greensboro+NC+North Carolina hookup sitesQuickly find your advantage via GPS satellites

Quickly find your advantage via GPS satellites

Advantage monitoring has been in the middle of Nexis, and it’s clear once you plunge into our GPS monitoring Map monitor. Packed from any net enabled internet browser Nexis supplies a whole a review of your whole fleet, with important journey record playback gotten by GPS satellites. Powerful business information on simply click of a button!

  • Specific GPS places for all of your possessions
  • Live ignition on / off information
  • Crucial journey playback
  • aˆ?Follow this vehicleaˆ? feature
  • Key performance and course playback attributes

Telematics Reporting

GPS information is merely a tiny part of Nexis, with these room of bespoke and tailormade telematic reports it really is never been simpler to thought important data and statistics remotely for any resource.

System Use Information

Nexis plainly demonstrates a property usage and showcases this information toward consumer, deteriorating use predicated on specific property or even the whole collection! By-hour, day, month and on occasion even season! Keeping your accountable for resource maintenance plus unauthorized usage.

Maintaining Manager

Adhering to manufacturer authorized maintenance is essential for businesses, for this reason the Nexis maintenance manager will supervise use (both kilometers moved + hours utilized) to clearly and properly highlight crucial using the collection. Not only can Nexis gather this facts for your needs, but it will additionally alert you when a valuable asset are approaching brands suggested service schedules and they are followed also.

Ignition & Engine Monitoring

Investment usage and revealing become crucial for a small business, that is why Nexis not simply documents and alerts users according to ignition on or off activity but in addition when the assets engine is on or off. This can be particularly important for excessive idle revealing or a visual indication, if not if a secured item is being put or simply sat with only the ignition on!

Gas Container Monitoring

We recognize that not all the fleets include providers motors, and possess included energy container tracking and also the monitoring of isolated liquid tanks into Nexis. This is accustomed actively monitor energy levels of almost any material depending on your organization need.

Utilisation Reporting

In the event that you run a collection of providers vehicles or a massive get business house utilisation is extremely important, and Nexis features a powerful utilisation system to emphasize fleet utilisation predicated on a typical (or customisable) operating week. Not only will they show a complete utilisation percent however it may digest the utilisation of specific property or house kinds.

Immobilisation & Geo-zone

Nexis provides inbuilt immobilisation functions to from another location disable any advantage whenever necessary for the consumer, this is completed in the touch of a switch or via an automatic plan. For instance, you can easily elect to immobilise any house whenever expected or generate a schedule to immobilise a secured asset at 6pm each and every day and un immobilise each morning at 7am.

Are you aware? AMI clientele count on this to ensure no business assets are used beyond certified performing time, both for security and a decrease in gas!

Nexis in addition has made is straightforward to create geo-zones and restricted stores, by hitting the map. You’ll be able to generate within Nexis any ideal profile or measurements of geo-zone that consumer are able to assign to a secured asset.

This is a member of staff’s home target or a site location, and Nexis will alert your of every action in or outside of the geo-zone.

Did you know? Geo-zones are designed to simply be productive at set occasions (eg 8am aˆ“ 6pm) or active 24/7. Equivalent logic can be applied to a certain day or go out assortment.

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